Traffic Information for Our Community

Dear Houlton Residents,

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming total solar eclipse, we understand that our quiet town is about to welcome a surge of visitors. To ensure that our community continues to thrive during this celestial celebration, we’ve gathered essential traffic information designed specifically for you, our valued residents.

Chief Tim Deluca's Traffic Plan

Rest assured, Chief Tim Deluca and our dedicated Houlton Police Department are hard at work developing a comprehensive traffic plan. Their commitment to your safety and the smooth functioning of our town during this event is unwavering.

Shuttle and Parking Maps

For your convenience, we’ve provided links to shuttle and parking maps. These resources will guide you through any potential changes in traffic patterns, highlighting designated shuttle stops and available parking areas.

Thank You to our Bus Sponsors!

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Rent Your Parking Space

Have a parking space in your yard? Consider renting it out to eclipse enthusiasts. This is not just an opportunity to ease parking congestion but also a chance to connect with visitors and showcase our community spirit.

Tips for a Smooth Traffic Experience

Plan Your Routes

Familiarize yourself with the shuttle and parking maps in advance to plan your routes and anticipate any changes in traffic flow.

Be Informed

Stay updated on local news and announcements for the latest information on traffic conditions and event details

Connect with Your Neighbors

Share tips and information with your neighbors to ensure that our community remains close-knit during this unique celebration.

Respect Our Neighborhoods

If renting out parking space in residential areas, please be mindful of guidelines and respect the privacy of your fellow residents.

Share the Spirit

Embrace the spirit of community by welcoming our eclipse guests. Your hospitality will contribute to making this celestial event memorable for everyone

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to sharing this extraordinary experience with you. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you for making Houlton the warm and welcoming community that it is!
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