“Never look at the partial phases of the eclipse without certified eye protection!”

Eclipse open forum livestream

May 30, 2023 @ 6:00 PM EDT

The end is here

One of Houlton, Maine’s claims to fame is that it is ‘the end of I-95.’ On April 8, 2024, we will boast of another notable ‘ending,’ as the Great American Eclipse finishes its journey across the U.S. and crosses the border into Canada. Smack in the middle of the path of totality, Houlton will experience one of the longest periods of darkness in the state of Maine.

Year-round, Houlton hosts popular events that bring visitors from across the Northeast, like the annual 4th of July celebrations, the fall Harvest Festival, winter activities at Moosestompers, and the Blackfly Brewfest each spring. Planning began more than 2 years early for Solar Eclipse 2024, and the community is ready for you to come see what ‘the end’ is all about. Spring in Maine is full of surprises and adventure fitting for natural phenomenon enthusiasts like you. We hope that you will join us and maybe you will learn our secret – Houlton is not really ‘the end,’ but the beginning of a new outlook.

Solar Eclipse

April 8, 2024

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What is a total solar eclipse?

Solar eclipses are eclipses where the Moon goes in between the Earth and the Sun, and passes right “in front of” the Sun as seen from the Earth. When this happens, the Moon partially or completely blocks out the Sun’s light, and we see that here on Earth as a very interesting and unusual phenomenon.

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Houlton, Maine

Houlton, Maine is a beautiful Victorian town in Aroostook County, Maine. The town is situated at the end of interstate 95 and borders New Brunswick, Canada. 

Houlton offers four season recreation in a gorgeous small town atmosphere.